Cruzr from side with shadow

Who am I?

I'm the perfect assistant for your business. I am a great navigator, will greet and assist your customers with elegance and I'm equipped with the latest technology to do much more!


Capabilities & Use cases


Cruzr can speak and understand many different languages to engage a meaningful conversation with people. Add your own dialogs making use of the build in speech technology to provide a personalized customer experience. Provide international vistors with a warm welcome.


Cruzr has a 13 megapixel camera which allows him to see and understand his surroundings. From recognizing faces to counting people, or going beyond with AI to distinguish personal traits and emotions, there is a huge range of applications where Cruzr can assist or lead.


A robust navigation system driven by 360° Lidar technology makes creating large and complex floor plans a breeze. Cruzr is a perfect assistant to help you from point A to point B, to patrol when you are not around or to provide an avatar for remote consultation.


By using foil wrapping technique often used in the automative industry, every Cruzr can be uniquely customized in the style of your business, providing seamless integration with your existing brand imagery. 

Long battery life

The battery in Cruzr can last during 8 hours of continuous use, and you don't need to worry about it at all because the robot will know when recharging is needed, and navigate autonomously to the nearest charging station. Once Cruzr is sufficiently charged again, he will immediately go back to continue what he was doing

Depth vision

Cruzr is equipped with a depth camera and many sensors, providing safe usage in difficult environments and allowing advanced navigation scenarios such as avoiding oncoming people or objects during navigation, or following a human to a specific location.


Loaded with 16 servo-motors, loud speakers and a big touch screen, Cruzr can express himself in many ways, from speech gesticulation to advanced dance moves that will amaze all audiences. Feel free to shake hands with this friendly robot.

Close up of Cruzr
Measurements 1195(H)*521(W)*516(D)mm
Weight 45kg
Screen 11,6"
Microphones 6+0 MIC array
Battery 20Ah 24V
Sensors 1 Lidar, 6 Sonar sensors, 12 IR sensors, 9-axis IMU in chassis
Camera 13MP HD Photo
Velocity Normal speed: 0.3m/s; Highest speed: 1m/s

Epidemic Edition

Cruzr Epidemic Front view
Temperature monitoring specifications
Recommended distance 1-1.5m
Maximum simultaneous measurements 10 people
Measuring frequency 60 per minute
Measurement error < 0.3°C
Measuring technology infrared
Mask detection

Detect if people are wearing a face mask. Ensure the mask is correctly worn over both the nose and mouth. Scan multiple people at once.

Temperature monitoring

Detect temperature with a thermal camera. Able to quickly detect people with elevated body temperature in crowded areas.


Optional disinfection unit available. Attaches to the robot to spray disinfectant along a pre-defined path.

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