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ZBOS 2.4.0 Release


We are excited to announce our 2.4.0 release of RAIL and Kiosk software, offering many new features, improvements and bugfixes.

Here are some highlights:

  • Speech:
    • finetune wake-word and speech recognition accuracy
    • use your own Google Dialogflow to make custom speech interactions with users
  • Composer:
    • configure the number of faces in the wait for face block
    • new domotics layer with 3 new blocks that integrate with Home Assistant and other domotics systems
    • added embedded example compositions to educate and quickstart your development
    • improve QR code scanning speed and visual feedback
  • Kiosk
    • improved support for a wide variety of Android devices and screen sizes
    • transparency support for Kiosk tiles to further expand visual design options
    •  show release notes of updates

But of course there is a lot more to be discovered.